"Are Cities Alive?" A present I made for jtotheizzoe 


isault asked:

I'm new to the blinkpopshift scene and I'm loving it! Your art, in it's many forms, is beautiful. And I've just realized that it was you that made those stunning gifs for The Art Assignment! Nick mentioned a print the he has of yours.... is there a place that those can be acquired?


Wow. Um. This is very exciting. I’ve never sold a print before. Hows about email me and we can figure it out. I have a site http://emilyeifler.com/. If you look though it and tell me which style you like I can find an original ink on paper or make you a print or something. :)

1980s top of the line hardware


saracbuller asked:

Evening Nick, what is your favorite piece of artwork on your wall at home and office?



At home I have a print from blinkpopshift that I actually love but haven’t hung yet because I knew I was going to move soon. 

At work, I have the signed Buffy print that Hank let me hang on the wall :) 

I forgot about that! I’m glad it has a good home. 


Anonymous asked:

I'm sorry. I just got here. What exactly do you work on? I don't quite understand your little people doodles and notes and stuff. *hides under table and whispers* Pardon my ignorance please.


*Gets under table too. Speaks in hushed tones*

Hi. Welcome. Let’s see.  I make lots of stuff. No need to ‘understand’ any of it. They are images, you look at them, take them, copy them, change them into something else. The little people drawings were a stab at comics without narrative. Right now I’m playing with collage and making images with apps on my phone but I also play with ink on paper, photoshopery, gifs, video etc.

Thats the images me. The video me makes BlinkPopShift the web show. The work me makes virtual reality. The writer me is working on a science fictiony novel. All the things!